Upon logging into the game for the first time, we immediately saw multiple players, which is a sign that Dragon’s Tale has an active player base. The game has a chat box so that players can interact, as well as a drinks system that allows players to buy other players drinks, which they are able to find tips in once the drink is finished. We’ve also written a review of Dragon’s Tale.

The in-game casino offers a massive variety of games, including Coconut Trees, Drinks, Elemental Fire, gathering Herbs and more.

After winning 1 BTM on various games, and completing some miscellaneous tasks to help the player learn more about the casino, a new area is unlocked with higher stakes and more games to play, called Xinren. In this area, more activities were available, as well as there being more players.
After depositing 0.25 BTC into the casino, we started to test the various games that Dragon’s Tale offers. Dragon’s

Tale allows users to set a Bet Limit, which stops users from accidentally betting more than they can afford. One downside of Dragon’s Tale is that clicking on the wrong game can easily happen with so many interactive objects around – while it’s nice to see that you can gamble on almost everything there is in the Dragon’s Tale world, it can be annoying when you accidentally bet Bitcoins on a game you didn’t actually want to play.

Playing the “Monkey Cage” Minigame

Among the games we tried, one that particularly stood out to us was “Monkey Cage”. Like most other games in Dragon’s Tale, the game wasn’t modern, but it was still interesting and is definitely an enjoyable experience for gamblers. The game allowed players to bet on tiles, and after releasing the monkey from the cage, it would make the monkey take a random route, and after the monkey randomly ran around for a while, it finally landed on a tile. The game was efficient, and it didn’t seem to have any glitches or anything wrong with it, showing that Dragon’s Tale uses good and efficient software. The game didn’t have any noticeable change when we increased the wager to 20 BTM, either.

Dragon Tale’s “Coconut Tree” Game

We played one last game before we went, and that was the “Coconut Tree” game. It seemed to be basically equivalent to a slightly unfair coin flip – a random number of coconuts fall out of the tree when you “shake” it (place a bet on it), and if that number of coconuts is odd, you get 2x your bet, else if it is even you get nothing. The game became repetitive after a while, but it seemed to be a pretty fair game for the BTC we spent to play it.
We found Dragon’s Tale to be an excellent online Bitcoin gambling experience, and we’ll definitely be back to play the game in the future.