Compete in European Roulette
Even though you may be the best roulette player, it will require you to move some extra miles to play European roulette. The European method of playing roulette is not similar to the way other known casino roulette games are played. A unique way of estimation may be needed prior to playing the game.

Hence, what is really required to enjoy this roulette that originated from Europe? You need to purchase your roulette chips first. Roulette chips represent no particular denomination and are recognized by the various colors.

It is the seller and buyer that decides on the denomination of the chips. One unique feature of the roulette of European origin is the absence of double zero which creates the best set of odds for the betting player. There is a big chance to win and only one possibility of being wrong.

There is also a minimum inside and out bet total feature that makes this roulette unique. The red and black bets, which are examples of an outside bet, is usually placed after all the other bets have been placed, mainly because they get a lower profit from it. One may also place a bet on selected rows or columns of even or odd numbers.

European Roulette Secrets

Finally, you may decide to bet on the numbers inside and do it individually or combine it with numbers which are adjacent to your number of choice. For instance, if you make a four corner bet, the chip will placed such that it touches four corner numbers. You will get a pay off of 8 to 1 once the chip hits any of the four numbers. On the other hand, you would love to know that it gives a 35 to 1 pay when bet is placed on a single chip that gets hit